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Synergy Is Recruiting!
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Taz bel, Jan 31, 12 3:17 AM.
To all we have rerolled on the server THE HARBINGER, due to the lack of population on Ven Zallow it had a terribly DISMAL lvl 50 republic side crowd after many weeks of research we ahve found a healthy and very populated server to reroll on, 90% of current members in Synergy have rerolled on the harbinger and if your reading this your more then welcome to find us there, look up Xarrin(taz'bel) or Dejablue or Kymora if you decide to reroll.

this early in the games life it was an easy desicion but also a hard one leaving some friends behind, we wish you all will join us we have the majority of you all ready but since we have no idea if or when server xfers will be put into the game we were left with no desicion other then to reroll on a populated server for republics.

Hope you all join us it really is for the better and if your still on VZ please consider this as an option for you we will be power lvevling thru fp's and content as a team to reach max level ASAP. see u there guys

Synergy Is Recruiting

Dejoblue, Jan 25, 12 1:31 PM.
Synergy are seeking out those that will invest their time and energy into the team and be around for the long haul. Everyone raids. We rotate in players based on what bosses loot table is as a consideration after raid composition.


We are in need of all classes for our two core 8 man Ops teams.


Fill out an application with the links above or speak with an Officer in game to set up a Ventrillo interview.

Minimum Level: 50
Focus: Hardcore Raiding Progression
Play Schedule:

Central Standard Time 

Start End

7 PM- 12 AM
Wednesday7 PM- 12 AM
Thursday 7 PM- 12 AM

Most of our guild members are in their late twenties or early thirties and are experienced raiders going back to EQ and Classic WoW. Classic WoW and the Burning Crusade saw most of us leading the way in server first guilds. Striving for success, raiding eight or more hours, seven days a week, we farmed mats at all hours of the night to provide the necessities of our communities raiding campaigns.

We come prepared not only with Stims and Medpacks but with the same intense, precise expertise of our singular class and spec just as we have since the beginning of our raiding tenure. 

For SWTOR our pool of experience and strategies has be expounded upon with the campaigns from EQ, WoW and Rift. As a community we are heading into SWTORtogether.

We rest assured that our transition into SWTORwill be done together with great people we know in a community that has been successful for over 10 years.

Family. Friendship. Loyalty. 

Where do you fit into all of this? 
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